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Vine Herbal Products
Herbal Creams and Powders for minor wounds and for treating "scratches" aka "mud fever" on horses.

Black Points Farm
Connemara-TB crosses for any jumping discipliine.

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What our Customers are saying about our Horse Training Videos

"With all the time and money I spent on lessons with other trainers, I should have been riding in the Olympics by now. Instead, I ended up with an unrideable horse. Finally, thanks to Bob, my horse and I are communicating properly and I now enjoy riding again."
……Melanie W., Kendall, NY

"After 40 years of riding with countless instructors, I started working with Bob. His methods of teaching have profoundly changed the way I relate to my horses. He explains everything so clearly that I finally understand the connection between what I need to ask, how to ask, and why. As a result, I have well-mannered horses that are achieving their full performance potential."
……Jean H., Victor, NY

"This tape was not only the most detailed training video I've ever seen, but also the incremental steps flowed smoothly and understandably."
……Karyn B., Cherry Hills Village, CO

"I thought I would write to you to sing your praises. You helped me work with my horse when I was living in Buffalo. He was was rearing and striking and persisted in invading my space, and other nasty habits. In the course of 6 months, with your direction, I learned to communicate with him, and to insist on his attention and respect. I ended up selling him to a woman who truly enjoys him. And in the process was asked by another potential buyer if I would train another youngster for them (I had to decline, of course). But I thought you should know that you have truly affected me as a rider and trainer. And both the horses and I are better off. I look forward to the day when I can again work with horses and utilize your videos."
Thank you.
……Laura G. formerly of Buffalo, NY

Dear EquiHorse,
"I saw yesterday for the first time one of your shows (on Rural Heritage-RFD-TV) I have been a horse owner before, but it has been years ago. I recently purchased a 20 year old saddle horse who hasn't been ridden in over a year. I was trying to figure out how to work with him and then came upon your show. I hope your techniques will be a great help to me. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I have a neighbor who is also a horse owner and she will be helping me. I will be using her round pen and plan to start with lesson one, as seen on your show. I had taken notes and was so excited about your show I told everyone. I just finished printing your lessons and can't wait to get started with Lil' Dandy."
……Staci C. Ashland City, TN

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