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Vine Herbal Products
Herbal Creams and Powders for wounds or for "scratches" aka "mud fever" on for horses.

Black Points Farm
Connemara-TB crosses for any jumping discipline.

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We are no longer sending out Newsletter issues by email so if you recently signed up for our free Newsletter, you can now read each issue right here on the website. Each Newsletter issue gives you a worthwhile training/teaching tip in the form of an EquiTale or a Frequently Asked Question.

An EquiTale is a short narrative describing a specific horse training/teaching problem (and solution) just as Bob has dealt with it in his daily lessons.

It may be something you recognize as a problem you've encountered with your own horse or something that you hope you'll never encounter . . . but if you do, you'll have a good idea of how to address the problem after reading this Newsletter article.

Below you will find links to each of the Newsletter Articles followed by links to other horse training articles.

Newsletter Issues and Horse Training Articles


  1. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #1
  2. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #2
  3. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #3
  4. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #4
  5. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #5
  6. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #6
  7. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #7
  8. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #8
  9. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #9
  10. EquiHorse Newsletter Vol 1 #10


  1. Round Pen vs. Square Pen
  2. Evaluating Your Horse
  3. Teaching vs Training

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