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Edie's Sold on Our Videos
Edie and Bud

"I've had a horse for 20 years but my new horse needs some respect and stay out of my space training. I plan to use the techniques in your DVD which I think are fantastic! It was just what I was looking for. Thanks"

Edie M, Sterling Heights, MI

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Were you born knowing how to speak French??
Or even English?
Well, neither was your horse . . . .

Horses communicate with each other using NON-VERBAL cues. Given that, doesn't it make more sense for us to learn the horse's language?

Are you interested in learning a complete horse training (horse teaching) system based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship Techniques?

Do you want to be able to communicate with your horse in your horse's language and to use the equipment you already have?


Bob Dickinson's teaching methods are based on NON-VERBAL cues and the principles of Natural Horsemanship Training. His Horse Training Methods and Horse Training Tips don't require the use of any special equipment -- not even a round pen.

If you've been frustrated by horse training videos that show you: how it "should be" but never actually teach you how to do it yourself then your frustrations are over!

Our videos teach you the principles behind the horse training methods. When you understand the principles:

  • You'll be able to figure out what to do in new situations.
  • Bottom line: you'll understand how to communicate with your horse in his language!
PLUS, when you buy one of our horse training videos or DVDs, you also get:
  • a FREE 60 min audio CD full of Q's & A's to further help you understand the subtleties in horse training
  • PERSONAL answers to any questions you have about training issues you encounter.
    "We're only an email away" and when you ask a question, you will recieve an answer via an audio link.

To learn the skills taught in our videos would cost you hundreds of dollars per month if you took weekly lessons from Bob (IF you could get him to travel to you). But with video you can revisit any lesson whenever you wish, as many times as you want or need to for no additional cost.

Click here to find out more about each of the videos/DVDs in our Horse Training series. We don't just sell you a video, we sell you a support system too. No one else does that!

And since our reputation is at stake with every Building A Foundation You Can Ride On® video/DVD purchased, we have a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that certainly makes your buying decision trouble-free.

Let's look into why Bob's system works so well.

His system is based on offering the horse choices, where the correct choice is physically the easiest. Since we're speaking the horse's non-verbal language, the horse rapidly figures out how to correctly respond to our request. And when the horse takes the correct action, he is rewarded -- not with a carrot, but by removing the stimulus (which we call a cue). This is called positive reinforcement.

Bob’s teaching techniques are so logical to both you and the horse that the work becomes simple and the horse quickly develops a “want to” attitude.

In the video, Bob demonstrates his methods, not with a horse that is already completely trained, but with one starting out, similar to yours. He gives examples of problems you’re likely to encounter and shows you what to do to avoid or correct them. No gimmicks, no special equipment!

Building a Foundation you can ride on

"I’m sold on Bob’s horse training methods!" Jeannie's Sold on Our Videos
Jeannie and Magic

"...the time dedicated to building a proper foundation by establishing control on the ground....made the transition to riding much smoother and much more correct..."

Jeannie H., Honeoye Falls, NY

Our Personal Guarantee

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Herbal Creams and Powders
for minor wounds and for
treating "scratches" aka "mud fever" on horses.

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Connemara-TB crosses for any jumping discipliine.

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