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About EquiHorse

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What is EquiHorse Communications?
EquiHorse Communications is a joint venture between Bob Dickinson and Mary Delton and is a division of BP Equine, Ltd. EquiHorse Communications was formed in 1998 to develop and produce educational materials for anyone interested in learning how to communicate with their horse using non-verbal cues (the horse's language). Bob's teaching methods are breed and discipline independent but the horses he most often encounters are the ones that the owners are having problems with. Whenever, Bob starts to work with one of these "problem horses", he begins by evaluating the horse and then establishing control of the horse. Hence, this was the subject of our first video. We have four other videos (on the Aggressive Horse, longeing (lunging), haltering the new foal, the weanling foal, and several more on the drawing boards.

What is an "EquiHorse"?
It is just the catchy title we came up with for our domain name back in 1998 when we started out on this venture. The more descriptive and ordinary names for "horsey sites" were already taken so we did a little brainstorming. We wanted a name that was easy to remember and would be searchable under "Equine" or "Horse" so we simply put the two together. And yes, it does sound a bit redundant but it's still catchy!

The purpose of EquiHorse Communications is to provide a vehicle to share Bob Dickinson’s system of teaching both horse and handler/rider how to safely communicate in harmony with each other. His methods work to prevent or correct commonly encountered problems we face as we interact with and educate our horses. Bob has developed a complete system of consistent cues to teach the horse both "on the ground" and "under saddle".

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